Magic Stats is a platform designed to provide a plethora of statistics based on your Magic: The Gathering tournament history.

The information is aggregated in a way that allows you to easily monitor your tournament progress through the years. Various filters are available to help you assess your performance in different formats and by distinct event types.

Last but not least, it provides information on whom you've been playing against the most and how you've been faring versus each individual opponent.
You will be able to find out who your Archenemy is!

In building Magic Stats we have used xamleeg.kavu.ru as a source of inspiration. This small but nifty tool, developed by Max Riveiro, has been very useful to the MTG community for years.

In order to use Magic Stats, you first need to create an account. This is required so that Magic Stats can store your data for commodity, but make it available only to you.

After creating and confirming your account, the first step is to import your tournament history data from your Planeswalker Points Account. If you do not have a Planeswalker Points Account yet, you will need to create one at this point. It is really useful, whether you use Magic Stats or not!

The whole import process is described in great detail on the Import page.

Magic Stats is free, but, as you've probably come to expect by now, this part comes with an asterisk at the end ;)

When creating an account for the first time, you will be granted a 1 month subscription. Right after your first import, a plethora of information will become available to you, completely free.

And here comes the asterisk. An active subscription is needed in order to be able to import new events. However, accessing the website and all the statistics provided on the events previously imported does not. This part will remain free.

There are multiple ways to extend your subscription. We are rewarding referrals (see Invite a Friend) and bug reports with free extensions. Or, if you discover that this platform brings value to you, we hope that you will find the cost of a booster pack to be a fair trade for 3 months of subscription.

Our hope is that your contributions will cover part of the hosting costs and the hundreds of hours poured into developing Magic Stats. One might argue that this solution is comprised of 80% wishful thinking and 20% naivety, but it's the only one that we'll accept. We personally hate advertisements and we find selling user data unconscionable.

We trust that the MTG community will see the value of this platform and that it will support us in maintaining and further developing it.

Wishful thinking - © The New Yorker

It is technically possible to automatize the import by asking for your Planeswalker Points Account username and password and have a backend script use them to pull the information.

But, if we would go down this route, it doesn't make sense to do it without going the extra mile to make the import run automatically at certain intervals. For this to be achievable, we would have to store your Planeswalker Points Account username and password as plain text.

It's easy to realize the madness in doing this, and Wizards will probably send a cease & desist request the next day. And we couldn't blame them for it!

For this reason, the tournament history import process will remain manual for now. If the platform is successful and our community gains a cohesive voice, we trust that we will be able to lean on Wizards to provide an API or even integrate Magic Stats in their Planeswalker Points Account!

It is obvious that a lot more can be done in terms of providing statistics. We will continue to invest heavily in this platform's development, should the first version be well received by you.
Below you can find a draft listing the features we thought of so far.


  • Improve the import process. Create a bookmarklet to facilitate event expanding.
  • Add "Format Type" and "Event Type" filters to the "Opponents" page.
  • Rework some portions of the code so that it scales better with a large number of users.


  • Add a "Stats by Year" page where you will be able to easily compare your performance year by year. The data will be presented through charts, instead of mere numbers.
  • Add an "Event List" page. This will basically be the information provided by Wizards, but in a better format.


  • Share on social networks (Facebook only initially).
  • Create an event management section where you can add extra information to an event, like the deck you've played and the decks played by your opponents. This will open the door for more useful event statistics further down the road.

Our paid subscription extensions are non-refundable.

While we do strive to provide you the best service possible, at this time we consider that having a refund system in place it's not worth the effort in the context of Magic Stats.
We believe that our 1 month free trial gives you enough time to figure out if you would like to continue using our services.

In the unfortunate event of a prolonged website outage, please be assured that we will do our best to compensate you fairly.

With whom is my data shared with?

No one! We will not share and/or sell your data to any 3rd party.

If you decide to pay for your subscription, the transactions will the processed through www.braintreepayments.com, using a secure connection (SSL). This PayPal owned company has a solid reputation. Magic Stats will NOT be handling and/or storing any of your billing information.

Can I remove my data if I so decide later on?

Yes. You are able to delete your account.

Deleting your account will remove from our servers all information pertaining to you. This includes, but is not limited to, your tournament history and subscription status.
This process is irreversible. We will not be able to recover your data!

Please note that for the purpose of preventing abuse, we are storing the email addresses of closed accounts.

Magic Stats version 1.30